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The End of the Sopranos

The final episode aired tonight, and frankly, it was better than most of the season. Until the end…

SPOILER ALERT – I’m putting the rest of the post after the jump so those of you who DVR’d don’t have to continue if you don’t want to know the ending.

Also, lots of four-letter words after the jump so if words offend you (prude) don’t click the link…


So what the fuck? Or as Paulie would likely say, “Cocksuckers left our dicks hanging in the wind.”

The last scene was brilliantly done – tension building, the family gathering at the diner, even the scene with Meadow trying to park her damn car…the guy getting up from the counter to go to the bathroom ala Godfather’s Pacino scene…

Then it goes to black.

What the fuck?

In some ways it is utterly brilliant, but it was also the epitome of viewer manipulation. As the hours pass since watching it, I’m appreciating it more and more…but the first reaction was, “Did my DVR fuck up? I’m going to kill someone.”

What did you think of the final episode?

I’m wondering if they didn’t leave it open for a possible movie one day…hmm…wouldn’t surprise me. The integrity of the story can always be sacrificed for the possibility of making a few more bucks off a “franchise.”

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