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The Way of Adventure

Great book for anyone looking for inspiration – written by Jeff Salz , PhD – an anthropologist and adventurer I heard speak at my company’s Fall meetings. The talk was incredible – he has visited the most remote places (even attempting to hike through the southermost parts of Argentina in some pretty brutal terrain.

He showed a lot of photographs of people he met travelling throughout the world – and they were breathtakingly beautiful. He has a way of capturing the light in the person – whether its a gaucho on the Pampas or a farmer in the remotest parts of Asia.

The book talks about inventure – finding adventure in your own like by looking inward and by learning how to experience joy in everyday life and work. He asked people all over the world what the meaning of life was, and came to some striking discoveries (understandings – maybe a better word for this).

Jeff has a wonderful sense of the adventure in just being alive, really alive, and I think his work is important today, when we are all so caught up in rushing to the next appointment or getting buried on our computers. It makes me think – how often do I go through periods of my life when everything is just a blur? When the days become just a set of actions (or to be honest, RE-actions) without much thought or care?

I burned myself out on self-help books many years ago – but this isn’t “one of those” books. There are no gimmicks or cheap tricks – it’s a wake-up call more than anything, and a refreshing take on the adventure that life is – and a reminder that its up to us to be awake for that adventure.

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