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Payback is a Bitch – Scamming the Scammers

I’ve occasionally posted the lame scam attemps I’ve received by email. I did not realize that there are actually many people who give it back to these scammers. Continue reading →

The Problem with Wikipedia – Accuracy and Surfer Naivete

If you peruse the controversial topic section of Wikipedia, you find some great gems on how this user-edited encyclopedia can be abused by foolish types. I won’t link to them as they have enough link power to overwhelm even the most authoritative sites on various topics.

Here is my favorite example of vandalism in Wikipedia: Continue reading →

Phishing for Ebay Passwords – Security Warning

The other day I was almost duped by an email that seemed to come from Ebay – it wasn’t the traditional phishing expedition where the email says you must reset your password and update your account will be deleted, an obvious attempt to get your password and other personal information. This email was formatted like a traditional Ebay auction update email – the same emails you get when you win an auction or the like. It appeared to be from another Ebay user who was angry that I had not followed up on an auction I’d participated in and stated he was going to file a complaint. Continue reading →

I Could Use the Money to Buy a New Brain

Really, people do fall for these. I heard about some old guy who’d fallen for this old old scam and lost over a million dollars – his son was trying to get legal control of the estate to stop the scammers from draining the poor old guy’s last penny. Continue reading →

I’m Rich!


E-mail scam I got today. Yeah, right. Continue reading →