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The Plunge Protection Team?

If this is true, so much for free market economies. Not the first time the supposed laissez-faire ultra free market economy types decided to not have it be so free if it’s not to their benefit.

Sort of like corporate welfare that is sooo popular among politicos who scream about welfare to individuals.

Or the typical red state welfare paid by blue states.

Can’t help but think this kind of manipulation of “free” markets eventually comes back to bite us in the behind.

Who’s a Rat?

I stumbled upon this site tonight and was pretty shocked:

“Who’s A Rat is a database driven website designed to assist attorneys and criminal defendants with few resources. The purpose of this website is for individuals and attorneys to post,share and request any and all information that has been made public at some point to at least 1 person of the public prior to posting it on this site pertaining to local,state and federal Informants and Law Enforcement Officers. This includes an Informant who makes his or her Informant status known to any person.”

Hmm. I’m sure law enforcement has gotta love this cluster f*#k.

Tickle Elmo, then Take a Xanax

I think if you bought your kid one of these it would be really funny for about 2 days then you would either have to kill yourself or lie to your kid and tell them someone broke in the house and stole it – and if he said buy me another you would have to tell him Elmo is a satanic icon that will damn his soul to hell so it would be better if you didn’t…watch the video after the jump. Continue reading →

Note to Self: Do Not Find Your Broker at a Flea Market

Marbella Salas said the trouble started when they met V.J. Singh, who said he was a representative for Prime Financial Group, in July 2004.

From the Modesto Bee: Continue reading →

Is It Just Me?

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