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Diagnosis for BOS

After a chat with my dad about possible diagnoses of BOS (bitter old shrew) I have settled on this one from the DSM that seems to fit perfectly:

Paranoid personality disorder: Individuals with this disorder display pervasive distrust and suspiciousness.

Common beliefs include the following:
Others are exploiting or deceiving the person.
Friends and associates are untrustworthy.
Information confided to others will be used maliciously.
There is hidden meaning in remarks or events others perceive as benign.

This certainly explains the bizarre emails and letters. I was beginning to wonder how someone could just make this stuff up – but now it all makes sense.

Sometimes it is really fun to go through the DSM to diagnose friends and family 😉 The best is when you find TWO diagnoses for one person (something definitely wrong with THAT brain).

The DSM is the Diagnostic Bible for psychiatry – and it can be a very disturbing read!

Why Do Opcasters Fuel Fringe Psycho Groups?

Scarborough Country had the “reverend” Phelps on to talk about his “God Hates Fags” movement – they picket military funerals, say “thank God for 9/11” all under the delusion that everything bad that happens to Americans is because of gay rights (although that is just the beginning of the Westboro Baptist Church’s hate-mongering). Continue reading →

Buy American Dolls This Holiday

More power to American Doll for not buckling to radical hate groups and continuing to raise money for Girls, Inc., a nonprofit group with 140 years of history.

So if you have a daughter, be sure to buy her an American Doll this year, as they have shown courage in supporting American democratic values – so many companies buckle to these loud-mouth zealots who want to force their belief systems on others.

Your Mommy’s a Whack Job

PETA’s new brochure, Your Daddy Kills Animals, really takes the cake. Men who fish might end up killing the family dog! It would be great if someone would write counter-comics for these absurd pieces that try to frighten children. Just take a look at this screen grab of part of their brocure:



If anyone is an artist and would like to work on the counter-comic, “Your Mommy Is a Whack Job” let me know. I’m thinking pictures of hysterical looking women throwing blood on people wearing fur, releasing monkeys from labs, nutso stuff like that, with a little warning for children, “You might want to call social services if you are not getting enough protein in your diet and feel weak at school. Also, steer kooky mommy away from people who appear to be preaching as they might be from a cult and your mommy is probably very impressionable and may end up joining. You could end up in a cult like one run by Charles Manson and your mommy might make you do awful things to promote the beliefs of the cult!”

Some other brochure titles to consider: “Your Mommy Has Too Much Time on Her Hands,” “Your Daddy Cares More About Fishies Than Starving AIDS Babies in Africa,” “Maybe If You Were a Puppy or a Kitty Your Mommy Would Love You Too”

American Doll Undermining American Girls

Conservatives are all abuzz about the American Doll. No, they haven’t made a lesbian doll. They just send money to a youth organization that supports rights they don’t think anyone should have.

I think they may also want them to rewrite some of their Commie descriptions of their dolls. I have taken the liberty of helping them with the Depression Doll.

Murdered by the Mob

Tucker Carlson had Antoinette Giancana on tonight – who just wrote a book claiming her father, Sam, was behind the Kennedy assassination.

She says in “Italian culture, one hand washes the other hand” – as if all Italians are mafioso. Twit. Continue reading →

Can It Get Any Nuttier Than This? I’m Sure It Can…

When a right-wing white guy tries to join the Black Caucus you have got to think some voters have lost their minds. Continue reading →