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Bree’s Los Angeles Food Blog in the LA Times

My friend Bree Crocetti writes an LA food blog and today she was listed in an article on local food blogs in the LA Times! Pretty cool – check out Bree’s blog.

Roubini Economics Blog

For those interested in economics, this is a great economics blog…he went to Yale with Shiller (the guy who predicted the Dot Com bust). I love that he says they are both members of the Shrill Order of the Reputable Reality-Based Eeyores!

Voting Day in Iraq

Blue Meany took some awesome pics in Bagdhad of people giving her the purple finger 😉

Have Another Good Laugh

The story is funny, but even funnier – the General points out how much this AFA guy looks like the Green River Killer.

Have a Good Laugh

The General’s letter to the Secretary of the College Republican National Committee.

Fixed the link – sorry!

This Is Important

When politics and personal morality dictate public health initiatives, the end is truly only a matter of time.

These people really hate women.

Fox News Alert Contest at AgitProp

You might enjoy this contest at AgitProp. Here is my entry:

fox news sm.jpg

And yes, that is Geraldo – once again braving all dangers to get us breaking news!

One of my favorite entries is by Patriot Boy.

Operation Yellow Elephant Keeps Up the Pressure on Chickenhawks


Chickenhawks everywhere are coming up with desperate responses to the obvious discordance between what they say about war and what they are willing to do about it. Continue reading →

Patriot Boy’s Got a Plan!

Still one of my favorite bloggers – never fails to make me laugh, Patriot Boy double-dipped today (in his usual manly, heterosexual way) by demonstrating Dr. Seuss‘ works are another part of the conspiracy to lure youngsters into the homosexual lifestyle.

Then gave a unique suggestion that Bennett and Senator Erwin unite forces and pray for God to incur his deadly wrath to empty our nation’s prisons so there will be room to run Congress and the Senate from them.