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Yosemite Waters Home Delivery Worst Water Service Out There

After years of spotty service from Yosemite Water, I decided to change providers of my water service. I left out a cancellation notice with the bottles and a check for the amount they said I currently owed. They were supposed to arrange to get their equipment as it still had one full bottle on it that I could not remove. I finished that bottle and left it out for them to retrieve. They did not. They sent no notices. They made no attempt to get their “equipment.” It was as if they were not only bad at giving service to customers, but did not even care about their equipment. Continue reading →

Buyer Beware – Al the Drain Specialist – Culver City Plumbers

We called our landlord due to a leaking toilet and an issue with our kitchen sink. He called Al the Drain Specialist, a man who has plumbers in Culver City, who sent one of his workers. This worker fixed the kitchen sink but said, “I don’t do toilets” and left without fixing it.

However, when we spoke to our landlord, he informed us that Al the Drain Specialist had billed for fixing the toilet. We called back Al the Drain Specialist and told him since he billed for the work he should come fix it. We had stayed home from work to get this fixed. He said he would only come 9-5 Monday through Friday, requiring us to be home during normal working hours again. He did not want to take responsibility for the poor service. This should have been a sign to the landlord that there was a problem with Al the Drain Specialist. Continue reading →

Worst Taxi Cab Service – Culver City United Yellow Cab

People don’t worry about monopolies just because they are jealous or don’t want one guy to get everything – they know that when one entity controls a sector, they have NO MOTIVATION to do more than a minimally adequate job because they can’t lose their customers – their customers have no where else to go. Continue reading →