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The Little ATM that Couldn’t


Over four months on the market but still no taker, you might ask why they are refusing to budge on the price when they paid a mere 14K for the place. I immediately thought, “ATM.”

One day during walk I peeked in the yard and a woman yelled from her truck, “You can go around the house and look. No one’s there.” I was curious – it was the first house in the neighborhood to drop below the half million mark. Continue reading →

Short Sale and Major Haircut on Hannum


Three years ago they paid over 700K.

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Where Will Prices Be in Culver City in a Year?


Note that they are asking below the 2005 price. Continue reading →

How to Borrow Your Way into a Short Sale

Sometimes I feel like there should be a Hall of Shame for the greedy bums who helped destroy this country’s economy by taking out crazy loans – I don’t buy for a minute that people didn’t know they were borrowing more than they should.

Here’s a short sale – I’d like to think some financial mishap occurred that caused them to need to take out a second and third mortgage or HELOC themselves to death – like maybe they had big medical bills. Maybe. Continue reading →

Ruh Roh


Two years later, maybe break even after broker fees. Unlikely after almost 3 months on the market.
Culver City is cracking.

And this guy – dude, the year is going to wrap up with house unsold. Maybe it’s time to lower the price? Especially when you look at the last sale (Anyone else thinking HELOC from HELL?) Continue reading →

The State of Culver City Real Estate

Just a brief update on Culver City, which has still managed to miss much of the carnage except on the condominium side.

9052_poinsettia_ct.jpg Continue reading →

Roll-Back to 2005 Price in Culver City?


This house on Higuera, a narrow, busy road that is often used as a cut-through from Washington Blvd to get into the back areas of the South of Culver neighborhoods (SoCul), is for sale now for $760K. Continue reading →

Another Culver City House to Track

wagner_july28-2007-ad.jpg Continue reading →

The Little House that – Signs of Weakness in 90232

I profiled this butt-ugly house on Huron Ave a while back. They had been trying to sell it off-and-on for more than 5 years.

The highest asking price was 947K as far as I can tell. It finally sold recently for 774K. Still insanely overpriced, but certainly more in line with 2004 prices on this street. I know this because I lived in a house on this street back in 2004 that sold for 805K – and it was smaller. Granted, it had more curb appeal, but it was definitely smaller in terms of square footage. Continue reading →

Culver City Roll Backs

Short sale: 11913 MCDONALD ST, Culver City, CA 90230

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1280 square foot house sold for 703,500 in mid 2005. Now it is listed as a short sale for 675K.

Two condos on Green Valley Circle are also currently advertising as short sales.

4910 Sawtelle is also listed as a short sale. However, it sold back in 2005 for 645K and they are asking 839K – maybe they HELOC’d their equity, hence the need for the sort sale.

I would expect 90230 to lead 90232 in these types of sales, as 90230 borders some sketchier areas of LA.