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Dumb Ass Fools

After deleting over 400 spam comments selling drugs and porn, I have decided a law should be passed that if you order prescription drugs online and die because the company sends you bad drugs, there should be no right to sue, because frankly if you are such a dumb ass that you buy drugs from some unknown mobster from god-knows-where selling you god-knows-what you deserve whatever happens to you. Get a clue, people!

Parasites of the Web

I have to spend a bit of time each day cleaning out comments from spammers advertising mainly illegal prescription drugs online. Continue reading →

All Spammers Must Die, Or At least Be Really Injured

Well, I had my first taste of “trackback spam” today – I saw a bunch of these notifications come in one after another. “Oh my!” I exclaimed! “Someone likes my blog!”

Silly me. Continue reading →