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Avian Flu Now Just Across the Pond

What confuses me about this story is this:

Debby Reynolds, DEFRA’s chief veterinarian, said the parrot was likely infected with the virus while it was housed in the country’s quarantine system with birds from Taiwan. Tests conducted on the Taiwanese birds that had died were inconclusive, according to the department.

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Wagging the Chicken – Avian Flu Pandemic Threat

Bush is talking about the threat. Seems a bit disingenuous to me since I have been reading about the dire threat of avian flu for a loooong time. Suddenly Bush is all up in that thing? In fact, just a short while ago, Republicans were suggesting cuts to the Centers for Disease Control in their Operation Offset to cover the costs of Katrina. And in their revisions, they haven’t removed it. Here is the line item: Continue reading →