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Who Are They Kidding?

This gem is burned out according to the description. Completely burned out. So it’s a shell of a house. They want close to 300K for it. The delusional values it at 436K. The last time the house sold, in 2001, it sold for 36K. Fundamentals, schmundamentals.


Another Home in Gang Territory

I continue to be fascinated by some of the listings out there. I’ve seen ads describing houses that look to be one step up from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house with descriptions like “fascinating,” “enviable.” Yes. If you are currently living on skid row or in one of the overcrowded downtown missions these homes might be described as enviable. I’ve also seen descriptions about the “lovely chain link fence.” There is only one kind of chain link fence, and it isn’t lovely. Continue reading →

Who Are They Kidding

Why shouldn’t people profit who have had to deal with years of drive-bys – why shouldn’t their house earn ’em big bucks just like they do for everyone else in SoCal?!

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Oh. My. God. Part. Two.

I posted this Oh.My.God. house back in mid-December. Still on the market. Price hasn’t budged. Interestingly, the assessed value for tax purposes is 57K so this house has been held for a while.

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A House So Nice…We List It Twice

We first posted this house when the only photo on was of the street (The House So Nice…We couldn’t show it twice, or at all).

Over two months later it is still for sale, and the price has not budged. Maybe because this is the house: Continue reading →

This Month’s Deals – Bring Your Box of Stupid and Your Bag o’ Money

You know when a kitchen that looks like this is what “best” represents an LA shack, drive by before bothering the realty agent. Bring your mace too because anything under 400K in LA is NOT anyplace you wanna live without a vicious dog or two, barred windows, and an Uzi.


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Is This a Record on Record Ave?

You can have your own box with a window and slot for your car for only $329K!


How Many Bedrooms Are There In This LA Charmer?

Maybe squatters knocked down the wall between the bedrooms then tore out the copper pipes in the second bathroom to sell so they could some buy crack so they had to revise the listing?

What the F*$#@&

Couldn’t resist one more…just one more…holy shit.  Here you go for 350K:


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There is no bubble in Southern California. The fundamentals are all there. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live here? And it’s a So Cal bargain at 290K!