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Bureaucracy Can Kill Once Nimble Companies: What’s Up with Google?

I’m in the middle of an e-mail “discussion” with Google AdWords over an arbitrary decision to disallow an ad I’m running for a treatment center within our company.  The ad is for the exact search phrase “prescription drug rehab” – because the treatment center treats prescription drug addiction and has been doing so for two decades, this would seem to be a perfectly legitimate ad to run. I’ve run them in the past for other treatment programs. I always got the special “pharmacy exception” request form because it is illegal to advertise online prescription drug sales.  In the past, the exception was always granted for obvious reasons – we were trying to help people addicted to prescription drugs, not sell them more. Continue reading →

Google Misery on the Horizon

Once again Google appears to be doing some major house cleaning – and generally these housecleanings result in some excellent and valuable sites being dropped (or just as bad, sent to the bottom of the proverbial barrel). Google’s actions have become progressively baffling over the years – and it gets harder and harder to figure out what the hell they want. Continue reading →

About When Do You Think God Started Hearing the Word ‘Google’ in Prayers?

It used to be a relatively easy thing to do…get to the top of Google. But spammers changed all that – they made it so Google has to stay one step ahead of them. Which means a few great sites get filtered out with the garbage because it “appears” to be like something it isn’t.

If you’ve ever had a strong position for years and years and suddenly lost it, you realize how powerful Google can be to destroy a legitimate online presence. Survival of the fittest isn’t a perfect science. We know many lovely species have disappeared off the face of the earth – they didn’t deserve to survive any less, and just as these many species have fallen victim to human greed and indifference, so many quality web sites will fall victim to the indifference of the Google algorithm.

Ugh – Google Making Me Miserable

I generally do very well with managing a huge number of websites and keeping them in good positions in Google. Well something went very awry this week and I am in Google hell with one of the MOST important sites I manage. I have spent two days analyzing what may have happened. It doesn’t make any sense.

And I’ve noticed a number of other sites that have been stable for years – sites I built in the late 90s – have suddenly lost their firm footing. These are quality sites with good content – not junk like those sites people are building just to make AdSense revenue.

Sigh…website work gets more annoying every day. It used to be if you had quality content, a site that served your customer, the SEs were happy. Now they are so busy worrying about the scummy spammers that normal sites get relocated to Siberia…

Googley Eyed for China – Not So Fast – Warning: If Your Are a Resident of China Stop Reading Now

First Yahoo! helped China restrict freedom (hey, anything to promote “free trade” is a-ok these days, including slave labor), then Google decided to be the final arbiter on the China-Taiwan dispute.

But then had a change of heart.