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The Problem with Wikipedia – Accuracy and Surfer Naivete

If you peruse the controversial topic section of Wikipedia, you find some great gems on how this user-edited encyclopedia can be abused by foolish types. I won’t link to them as they have enough link power to overwhelm even the most authoritative sites on various topics.

Here is my favorite example of vandalism in Wikipedia: Continue reading →

What IS That Catchy Tune?

Ever see a clever commercial that really catches your eye – and that tune! What is that? I like it! I remember one Mitsubishi commercial where the tune just stuck with me. The site helps you figure it out – and they include TV and movie tunes as well.

Where in the Hell Is Matt?

If you haven’t seen this video – check it out. This guy travels all over the world and tapes himself doing a goofy dance in each exotic – or not so exotic – location. It just makes you smile.

Americans Care When Democracy Is Undermined

Media Matters has an interesting story about how people not only in power, but in the media, have mistaken notions about the public’s interest and concern about the Fitzgerald investigation. Continue reading →