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How Many Dead Americans Was Saddam Worth (in 1994)

Doesn’t this guy just give you the heebie jeebies?


Iraq War Map

You can choose the countries to see the victims of the war – it simply shows red as it flies through the days from the beginning of the year.

Stark but effective reminder that war is hell.

Update on Veterans Running for Office

Read Boston Herald coverage on Iraq vets running for office.

Particularly interesting is the fact that the number of politicians who have served their country in the military has dropped from about 80% in the 70s to 30% these days. And of course if you did serve and happen to be a Democrat, the Republicans will find some way to disparage your service. To be fair, those Republicans who didn’t serve were just being good Samaritans and leaving spots for the disadvantaged.

Mother Jones also has some interesting discussion on this topic.

Saddam Punched for Insulting Shia Saints

Ah…to be a fly on the wall of this courtroom.

Italian Documentary on Use of White Phosphorous in Iraq

There is a pretty good video clip on Democracy Now! from this documentary on the use of white phosphorous, also known as Willy Pete in soldier slang, in Iraq.

There are some disturbing discussions of how it burns the flesh to the bone and photos of burned bodies. So be prepared for that.

I’m Not Quite Sure I Get This

Do they have enough armor now for bullets and IEDs so they are ready to diverting donations to stuff like this? I’m not even sure what it does – books that help soldiers maintain sexual purity? Is salt peter involved?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but right at this moment it seems like every soldier’s battle over there is keeping alive, keeping all their body parts…these just seem like slightly higher priorities.

You CAN Make This Stuff Up

Interesting flights of fancy. Really fascinating how people can convince themselves of just about anything when they are blindly obedient to The Leader.

Is he describing the same person who did this: Continue reading →

How to Really Support the Troops

Get behind them, volunteer, and support them in Democratic races. These folks have an authentic voice – and although some nimwits like Rush Limbaugh tried to undermine Paul Hackett’s character, he came really close to winning in a VERY Republican-weighted race (when all the corruption scandals are fully investigated these races may not be all that close anymore). And now Hackett will likely run again:

On Monday, with support from Senator Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat who is the minority leader, Hackett decided to seek a higher office: the Senate seat now held by Mike DeWine, a two-term Republican. Boston Globe

We need passion, integrity, and un-cronyism now more than ever. Aren’t you tired of political hacks who grease their own pan to cook your bacon? Does that make sense? Did I just make up a silly phrase? Did I mix my metaphors?

But I digress…

Here is one:

Patrick Murphy, PA

This site lists some others.
Wouldn’t you rather have folks in office who know what it really means to serve your country rather than those who claim they gave up their spots to disadvantaged youth?

Vote on Iraq’s Constitution – Some Views

Sometimes it is interesting to view others’ reactions to such news:

Kurds generally seem to agree with the constitution, particularly optimistic about how it ensures the (quasi)independence of Kurdistan.

And then the Daily Star’s more comprehensive analysis of what the Kurds get, what the Sunni’s don’t get…within an historical perspective of sorts.

This one from Cuba seems a bit odd – they say it is at risk if the “majority” Sunni population votes it down. Huh? Majority?

Maybe they meant the majority of Sunni’s in specific provinces in which they dominate?

North Korea needs spell check. I just put this because it is kind of surreal to read their coverage. I don’t know why – it just is.

I always like to see what different countries tend to focus on when they cover a story. You begin to realize how fluid the news can be when you filter it through your personal lens of perception.

And stories like this are always painful to read – really makes you cringe.

Chief of Operations for Beard and Hair Modifications to Avoid Detection by Infidel Forces

I am simply imagining the Barber of Bagdhad’s official title because I know they like ’em to be descriptive.

Maybe they will find some compelling letters among his things that will further support Bush’s policies.