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If George Orwell Had Written a Novel About Real Estate “Professionals”

You might laugh if this weren’t so pathetically transparent…another schill with his take:

Don’t try to tell Dick Gaylord it’s a down housing market, or that there’s a housing slump – and don’t dare mention the word “bubble.” The congenial Long Beach man, who will assume the role as the nation’s head Realtor next year, will argue vehemently that the market “isn’t down but just returning to normal.” He has more than 30 years experience, and now the country’s largest trade organization, to back him up.

To back him up? How about reality. I guess all those people in foreclosures aren’t really losing their houses, they are regaining their rental apartments.

Appraisal Fraud Complained about for Years

What’s interesting about this article on the rising problem of appraisal fraud is when it was written – back in 2005, at the height of the bubble.

Appraisers are taking matters into their own hands as they fight back against lenders and other real estate professionals who want them to pad appraisals in order to meet what they feel are unrealistic sales prices of homes. Some are saying that they are sick of reporting fraud to their boards and seeing nothing done to stop it. Others are contacting the FBI where the fraud can be investigated as mail fraud. Continue reading →

Mission Accomplished. Everything is F.I.N.E. Stop Worrying, Silly Middle Class.


Well, finally, the housing crash is over according to the Treasury Secretary of the Most-Honest-Forthright-and-Downright-Accurate-in-Predicting administration in American history. Continue reading →

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down…

As huge losses continue to mount in California markets such as Sacramento, The OC, and San Diego, news from the subprime-lending-fiasco just gets worse. Continue reading →

Faux News – Ted Baxter – Olbermann Has It Right

Media Matters covers a particularly obscene abuse of the airwaves by Bill O’Reilly – Laura Ingraham also contributed with plenty of misrepresentation of fact. She believes reporters in Iraq are all reporting from their hotel balconies. I guess she hasn’t heard about the deaths, injuries, and kidnappings of many of these folks. Continue reading →

Rove and the Relativity of Truth

Interesting piece in the LA Weekly on how Karl Rove has fared previously when under oath. There is something so creepy about this character. In the quote below, not the push-polling tactic Rove is famous for – if you haven’t seen the documentary Bush’s Brain, see it, as there are many more examples of this type of push-polling. Continue reading →

Propaganda Isn’t Just for Politicians Anymore

GE Clean Coal Ad

I’m sure many of you have seen this absurd ad campaign by GE. A bunch of hot-bodies (I mean HOT!) shoveling coal to the tune of “Sixteen Tons“. What balls! Coal is GREAT to the words: Continue reading →

Delay Denial

Tom Delay just told Anderson Cooper that the deficit is one of the lowest ever as a percent of GDP. He prefaced this with, “Without getting into economics.” Yeah, that’s another “science” of sorts. We don’t like that science stuff and all those “theories.” They really aren’t spending all that much money – anyone remember your first credit card when it seemed like magic money until the bill came due? When did congress become like a bunch of college students going nuts with their first Mastercard?