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Old White Guy Hypocrisy

I continue to be amazed how many old white guys in the Senate are fretting about “race and gender” influencing decisions. This is simply a continuation of the legacy of old white guys believing their opinions and views are universal while anyone who is not-male/not-white has a narrow (read: tainted) point of view. Continue reading →

Approval Ratings, UN Foolishness, and Other Such Nonsense

Everyone keeps saying the price of gas is tied to the President’s approval rating. I’ve heard of one-issue voters, but this really takes the cake. Granted, it does make people unhappy when their economic prospects look bleak – and they generally take it out on those currently in power – but deciding you like GW’s policies by basing it on how much it cost to fill your tank on Tuesday? I find it hard to believe people are this thick. Continue reading →

9 Points to Go to Meet Nixon’s Lowest Approval Rating

And now folks are saying there will need to be a big terror attack or something to pump up his numbers? How perverse is that kind of thinking? He will get better ratings as a president if we have a terrorist attack again? Huh? Continue reading →

Cutting the Deficit

Today Bush said we are on are way to cutting the deficit in half, get this, “By 2009” – in other words, I will have to be out of office for us to be able to do something about the deficit? I mean, I haven’t seen any evidence that this is happening – so was his “hidden” message – you are going to have to elect someone with other policies in 2008 so they can start cutting this deficit? Maybe he means if you can get a turnover in Congress in 2006 they will probably be able to stop me from bankrupting America?

What’s in Store for Rove?

Some theories from the blogosphere: Continue reading →

We Don’t Got No Geography Smarts

Australians watch this video and say, “Ruh Roh.”

CNNN did a segment on asking Americans on the street who they think we should bomb next. Some funny, some sad, but poor Australia looks like the “real” target.

And you really want to know why Bush won the last election? Vidi this.

CNNNN discovers Americans support war on Kyrgyzstan, ‘wherever it may be’

Wagging the Chicken – Avian Flu Pandemic Threat

Bush is talking about the threat. Seems a bit disingenuous to me since I have been reading about the dire threat of avian flu for a loooong time. Suddenly Bush is all up in that thing? In fact, just a short while ago, Republicans were suggesting cuts to the Centers for Disease Control in their Operation Offset to cover the costs of Katrina. And in their revisions, they haven’t removed it. Here is the line item: Continue reading →

Saving the Poor Wittle Ole Oil Companies

Disguising this new big oil-giveaway with the title “Gasoline for America’s Security Act of 2005” is just another example of propaganda-style labeling to make something seem a whole lot better for the American people than it really is. Continue reading →

California Special Election: Proposition 75

Proposition 75, if passed, would require unions to get a letter of permission every year from union members in order to make contributions to political causes/candidates.

I would be willing to consider this proposition if there were also a proposition that required corporations to get signed permission from all stockholders every year before giving company money to political causes/candidates. You know, as a stockholder, I don’t like it when a company I’m invested in uses my money to support political causes I might not agree with. Fair is fair.

The Ninth Amendment

When I hear people scream about the second amendment, particularly in relation to such laws as the new “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida (aka Shoot-First-Ask-Questions-Later law) I sometimes wonder if they think this is the only amendment in the constitution. Continue reading →