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Howard Stern on Sirius Satellite Radio

Keith Olbermann covered Howard Stern’s launch on Sirius. I’m a Keith fan and I think he gets Howard better than most (and he also gets that people like Rush Limbaugh do a lot more damage than Howard’s forays into juvenile humor). I think I will end up getting Sirius, especially now that I hear that AP counted something like 172 swear words. I don’t need to hear that many swear words, but I love the idea that this is truly democratic radio – while it is not free to listen, the price is reasonable for actual free speech.

I’ve listened to Stern from his early years in NYC. He woke me up every day for many years. Although some of his humor is purile, when he deals with serious topics, he can be remarkably incisive. I find the boob stuff dull, but when he does things like mock the Klan he is about as funny as it gets.