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The Impact of Immigration on Workers

Hysterical – from The Onion

Immigration: The Human Cost

Bush the Armchair Physicist

A friend recently brought this hysterically funny article in The Onion to my attention.

Laugh out loud.

Samantha Bee Gives Al Jazeera’s English Station Some Tips for Success

If you haven’t seen the Samantha Bee (The Daily Show) interview at the new English Al Jazeera station – you have to watch it – unbelievable what she gets them to do!

Have a Good Laugh

The General’s letter to the Secretary of the College Republican National Committee.

Fixed the link – sorry!

The Lost Letters of Al Qaeda

Is that recent letter between Zawahiri and Zarqawi authentic? .

For those who don’t know – this recent letter basically suggests the people of the U.S. will wimp out and force their President to leave Iraq too soon and, well, that will allow them to set up an Islamic state and move out from there – eventually taking over the whole Middle East (no more Israel). If true, this is a powerful letter supporting the administration’s “we will stay until the job is done (although we can’t quite tell you what that job is)” policy. Some are questioning if this is simply propaganda created by the administration.

They might not be so suspicious if they knew about the “lost letters” – these are very similar in how they portray the “people” of America vs. their government. The lost letters are very interesting. These were translated roughly into English – and I’m only including the relevant parts (cutting out most of the various ‘peace be upon hims’ and ‘salams’):

And it should be said that any indictments of Karl Rove or the one they call Scooter will be very helpful in establishing an Islamic Caliphant. If they do indeed proceed, this could be the event that turns the war in the Holy Lands to our favor.

I am hoping the pressure to go back on suspending the Davis Bacon Act in the Gulf States devasted by Private Katrina will be bowed to. If they force them to pay what the Infidels call a prevailing wage, this could cause us to lose the great jihad in Iraq.
I also have analyzed the situation with the Senator they call Delay. Should they successfully prosecute him, this will certainly help all jihadists throughout the world. The American people are helping us so much with these actions.

We dread greatly the confirmation of the infidel woman to the Supreme Court. If she is confirmed, this will set back our jihad many years. We do hope the infidel Bush relents and withdraws her nomination.

I was concerned during the time after the devastation by Private Katrina. It seems Americans were pressuring their government to act quickly to save the victims – if the government had listened it would have undermined our jihad in many places. It is fortunate that the leaders of America are not swayed by the American people as by doing so they would most certainly harm our great jihad. Death to America. Jihad Forever. Salam Malakim.

I thought this was very much in line with the letter that Al Qaeda denies they wrote – showing that maybe they did write it, as they have a similar, how should we say it, spin.

Chugging Down Gas Smoking Cigs Driving on Down the Road…

Sing that title to your favorite tune…as you imagine some white-haired guy tooling north on the 405 freeway through the Sepulveda Pass, driving one of the top polluting vehicles (Range Rover), tossing a lit cigarette out the window during fire season. Continue reading →

Fox News Alert Contest at AgitProp

You might enjoy this contest at AgitProp. Here is my entry:

fox news sm.jpg

And yes, that is Geraldo – once again braving all dangers to get us breaking news!

One of my favorite entries is by Patriot Boy.

Patriot Boy’s Got a Plan!

Still one of my favorite bloggers – never fails to make me laugh, Patriot Boy double-dipped today (in his usual manly, heterosexual way) by demonstrating Dr. Seuss‘ works are another part of the conspiracy to lure youngsters into the homosexual lifestyle.

Then gave a unique suggestion that Bennett and Senator Erwin unite forces and pray for God to incur his deadly wrath to empty our nation’s prisons so there will be room to run Congress and the Senate from them.

Wages Are Falling

What’s the first thing to do when people are suffering, their homes and jobs gone? Lower their wages! Yeah, that will stimulate the economy (huh?).
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