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Art Imitating Life: TV Dramas Mirror Addiction in Society

Most drug addiction experts will tell you: the economy does impact addiction rates. As economic stress takes its toll, many people find themselves drinking a bit more alcohol or asking the doctor for anti-anxiety medication or sleeping pills. Some of those people will become addicted. Continue reading →

New Tools for TV Addicts

Upset because you missed an episode of your favorite show? Forgot to set your DVR? Now ShowTime offers “reminders” – they will send you an email or text message on your phone – you sign up and check off the shows you “can’t miss.” Continue reading →

The End of the Sopranos

The final episode aired tonight, and frankly, it was better than most of the season. Until the end…

SPOILER ALERT – I’m putting the rest of the post after the jump so those of you who DVR’d don’t have to continue if you don’t want to know the ending. Continue reading →

The Dirt on Dirt – Another Great FX Character – Courtney Cox Rocks as Lucy Spiller

First they brought us Vic Mackey – now FX Networks brings us Lucy Spiller. She’s by far the most interesting female character I’ve seen on televsion – nasty-powerful yet vulnerable – but not oh-I-need-someone-to-save-me, cliched vulnerability.


It’s a personal vulnerability that she protects and nurtures, the one piece of her that cannot be corrupted by the necessary evils of her professional (and simply because of the nature of her work – personal) life. Continue reading →

The Man with the Famously Bad Hair, Splitting Hairs?

Trump keeps saying he’s going to sue Rosie O’Donnell because he has never declared bankruptcy. I gather he is saying he never claimed “personal” bankruptcy, because as far as I’ve read his casinos filed Chapter 11 a few times..

Is The Donald just following in the footsteps of our government (manipulating language to say something that is true but not really – like when we were kids and with pure juvenile logic swore we didn’t eat “all the cookies” because, well, we left one)? Maybe this Donald quote when interviewed about the 2004 Chapter 11 filing will shed some light:

“I don’t think it’s a failure, it’s a success,” he said in the interview. “In this case, it was just something that worked better than other alternatives. It’s really just a technical thing, but it came together.”

Then again, Rosie said four times and I can only find three – 1990, 1992, 1993. Now, these were his businesses, not him – haha. “Hundreds of millions of dollars” were lost by banks and bond holders in the 1990/1 bankruptcy, but poor Donald had to give up 50% ownership to the bondholders.

Samantha Bee Gives Al Jazeera’s English Station Some Tips for Success

If you haven’t seen the Samantha Bee (The Daily Show) interview at the new English Al Jazeera station – you have to watch it – unbelievable what she gets them to do!

The Wire and Dexter

I really love these shows- but I feel like I need an annotated version of The Wire sometimes. I suspect I will need to rent the DVD and watch it straight through to really understand all the subtleties of the series.
The Wire captures the chaos of inner city life – the pathos, the desperation, the dog-eat-dog mentality – but also the utter sense that this way of life all makes under the circumstances. These are the most human characters I have ever seen on television.

Dexter is another winner- one of my first scripts was about a serial killer so I’m interested in the genre – but they have really turned it on its head. When I wrote my script, you could do something unique and interesting. Now most serial killer movies are pathetic and predictable cliches.

HBO’s series seem to have an underlying thread that flows through all of them – while the characters’ choices may be utterly corrupt there is a strong sense of human need and longing that makes them understandable and forces us to feel a certain pathos and even compassion for them. Even the most seemingly sociophathic among them seem like someone you “know” – and might even trust. I’m not sure this is intentional – but a reflection on the people who choose the shows. Utter sociopaths are boring. People who defy their sociopathy by being compassionate or caring in some situations (while utterly devoid of conscience in others) are much more interesting.

Keith Olbermann in Rare Form

If you don’t watch him, start. I loved his editorial this week on the first 8 months of the Bush administration and how they put counterterrorism on the back burner – one of the things that has annoyed me about media coverage has been the UTTER LACK of honest discussion about how this administration completely dropped the ball when they came in office. He pointed out all the inconsistencies, lies, and obfuscations – we didn’t have a strategy to inherit – uh, well what’s this document?

It really was the first time the full case was articulated – and it is hard to counter his argument, unless you pull up the old lies and obfuscations. Those are always available if you are a koolaid drinker.

Why I Love Keith Olbermann

Just watch the video of his brilliant commentary on Rumsfeld’s frightening speech in which he declared that the majority of Americans are “morally confused”. If you have a slow modem (George), you can also read the transcript of his commentary.

Flying with Colonel Hunt

Some of you may recognize Colonel Hunt’s picture – he’s a commentator on war-related stories on Fox. (My brother-in-law wanted to know why I was watching that Republican news channel – I snarked – know the enemy). We shared a row on Jet Blue coming back from Boston last week. What an affable, interesting guy! I recognized him right away and we chatted a bit. He’s got a great, distinctive rough voice that just says, “I’m a Colonel and I’ve ordered troops around!” The kind of voice that makes you sit up and take notice.

He’s got an impressive bio – this was one of the cooler celebrity spottings I’ve ever had 🙂 because he is so authentic!

He has a book out now, and his new one “On the Hunt” will be published in April 07. He was reading a book on suicide bombers on the plane – eeek – but I must say I felt a little safer being on a plane with the Colonel!