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Southern California Burning

Devastating fires are burning up and down the southern coast of California. The air is smoky and dry as a bone. Your eyes sting and there’s that little nagging cough. It will probably get worse…

I live far enough away from fire area not to be concerned about the actual fire – just the air quality. One of the saddest things I’ve seen today is a remark from firefighters in San Diego – they just don’t have the resources to fight the fire.

I remember back a few years ago, after the last devastating fires in that county, they put on the ballot a parcel tax to get more funds that firefighters in San Diego desperately need. The homeowners voted it down. The anti-tax hysteria that has infected our country certainly means there is a high price to pay on the other end. I wonder if any of the people who voted against that extra hundred dollars a year are now looking at their burned out hulk of a home wishing they had voted differently.

California Burning

I tried to send a video grab of this melodramatic graphic on a Fox news report from my Palm Treo but the darn thing never makes it from device to email. So a still it is…


The video is much better – the flames move, making it appear that a good chunk of SoCal is in flames. Fox gets its audience – “news” is 9/10ths entertainment.

UPDATE – think I got the video working. Click link below.

OK short QuickTime video shows how Fox’s graphics make it look like half of California is burning. A friend said her relatives called to find out if she was ok – “It looks like the whole place is burning!” So I’m not the only one who noticed…

QuickTime clip of Fox reporting on Cali wildfires