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Croc Hunter Gone

I always had a bit of an issue with Steve Irwin wrassling alligators – it seemed to be for entertainment, and the alligators didn’t seem to be having much fun. However, just about a week ago I was watching an episode with my aunt who has dementia. He had rescued an injured koala and was showing his young daughter Bindi the sad little creature. The little girl was precious as she pet the sick koala – the fellow apparently was too sick to be saved, however. I remember thinging, bet she will work in the zoo one day.

Now that little girl has no father.

I remember stingray warnings growing up on the west coast of Florida – we were taught the stingray shuffle as soon as we were old enough to walk into the ocean. It really sounds like a freak accident – very unusual for these attacks to be fatal. My heart goes out to little Bindi and her baby brother – even though he did his controversial baby-carrying by the crocs a few years back, he really did seem to be a loving father.

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