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Obama Fundraiser

I didn’t think to bring anything better than my phone with camera – so I mo-blogged the pic before anyone was on the stage. The rest didn’t come out so great.

The event was in the Edison downtown – absolutely beautiful club space. I literally almost ran into Jerry Brown as I came in the door – had to do a little dance and an “excuse me” (cool – he looks great!). This was the first time I’ve ever attended a fund raiser – I rarely give the kind of coinage you need to attend these.

But I truly believe this is the most important election of my lifetime. This will be the difference between continuing to go in a direction of faith-based vs. evidence-based governance. While I find it incomprehensible that any thinking person could vote for a ticket with Palin on it, I understand that many people vote for “boutique” issues (they only care about one thing – their hot issue). I do think the economy has made many of these people start thinking, “Is it really in my best interest and the best interest of America to vote on one single issue?”

We are facing the consequences of a decade of greed, mishandling of government, incompetence, and mediocrity. It was as if the “Dumbing Down” of America was institutionalized.

Many long-time Republicans, both big names and regular folk, are waking up to the disaster this party has wreaked on this great country. I know quite a few who have switched their vote for the first time in their lives.

People finally are realizing that “Lower Taxes” is not an economic solution. There are low-tax countries in the world. They are not places any of us would want to live. We have to hope our country doesn’t sink that low.
Americans must become true Patriots and be willing to pay our debt. If not, the crushing burden will weaken us for decades. True Patriots are willing to contribute to save their country from economic disaster. There is no benefit in having low taxes if your 401K has been cut in half, the dollar is worth half of what it once was, food costs double, and maybe even you end up unemployed.

Hillary Clinton spoke at the event – she is very impressive in person. Sometimes in the big events that are telecast she comes off as a bit rough – she is nothing like that in person. She was charming, even joyful, and she inspired the audience (she walked around after and shook our hands).
Bon Jovi played two songs – they were great!

I enjoyed being part of something – a movement toward a brighter future for all Americans – not just the top 1% who made a killing while destroying the wealth of many Americans, including Americans too old to ever regain the losses in their retirement accounts.


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Found a comfy seat near the stage where jon bon jovi will perform

Where in the World is Vera Appleyard?

OK today I got another snarky remark about how a blog isn’t really a blog if it isn’t updated regularly. Grin George.

So here I am trying to get back into the swing of things.

Last week I made a trip to Florida to visit my mom (see puppy pics below) and had a nice time in the humid, mosquito-laden swampland.

On the estate front: the will was allowed! Amazingly, The Uncle from Hell did not try to make trouble. Even my aunt’s long-time attorney was shocked. Now it’s just onto estate taxes, distributing, and getting things in order.

My aunt left me her house on West Yarmouth (Cape Cod), which was such a sweet and lovely thing to do. We always had a special connection and being named after her was a great honor. I have missed Vera terribly but I feel very privileged to have spent so much time with her the past two years.
Work has been particularly hectic – I was asked to take over content and SEO for the whole company (vs. just the Aspen youth division) so that has meant a lot of focus on learning the whole landscape of their Internet strategy and network and catching up on updates and changes. The sites sat pretty idle over the last year, so it was like a tsunami of work at first. I’ve now gotten into the rhythm of it and I’m really enjoying the broader content work.

I have found four new freelance writers who are wonderful – but the best finds were two full-time writers – I could not have imagined I would get two people so perfect for the job! It makes life so much easier when you have talented, diligent colleagues.

Family History

When I became guardian of my Aunt Vera, I became much more conscious of family history – mainly because I realized I was losing those who could tell me about the past. A few years ago my Aunt sent me some wonderful family photos, and I was incredibly moved by the gift – they were truly beautiful framed portraits of my grandparents. Continue reading →

New Tools for TV Addicts

Upset because you missed an episode of your favorite show? Forgot to set your DVR? Now ShowTime offers “reminders” – they will send you an email or text message on your phone – you sign up and check off the shows you “can’t miss.” Continue reading →

In Memory of My Father


I chose this as a memorial picture for my father, who passed away on May 5th, because he really loved our Morgan horses. He even built his own cart – which you see him riding in here. He traveled the state of Florida showing with Wayward Jasper, the Morgan horse in this picture.


Bitter Old Shrew (BOS) sent out an account (and I use that word lightly) of events and I finally had a chance to read it when I visited my folks in Florida this week. He mentions greed in these documents. The irony? No one was interested in stepping in to take care of my elderly aunt until they thought control of her money might be part of it. No one stopped by her house to see if she was safe. They virtually ignored the warnings of social services. They certainly well know this is the reason I needed to fly the 3000 miles to spend 10 days making sure she was situated someplace safe and yet still very nice when they couldn’t make the 15-minute drive to her house. Greed indeed. Continue reading →

Sanctimoniousity (Now Officially a Word)

When Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, sanctimonious supporter of displaying the Ten Commandments in public buildings, was stumped by Steve Coberts interview question, “What are the Ten Commandments,” I had to chuckle, but not without a touch of sadness. It is often the case that religiosity and spirituality are mutually exclusive. Unfortunately, the extremely religious are the last people to recognize hypocrisy in their beliefs. Continue reading →

The Myth of Certainty

This topic came up again today in a conversation with my father. He has always been a remarkably healthy man – never hospitalized, never really sick that I can remember (the mumps once when I was a small child meant a couple of days out of work – but other than that…no illnesses). Last week he started to feel really lousy and my mother commented that he looked jaundiced. They were visiting their Cape house, and he realized he might really be ill, so they flew back home to Florida. Today the doctor decided to admit him to the hospital to do more aggressive testing because he was feeling so tired and awful. Continue reading →

Pension Philandering – More Corporate Welfare

Tell me why Exxon with record profits, ability to pay their outgoing CEO something on the order of 400 million, cannot fund their employees’ pensions and is going to leave it to the American taxpayer to pay off these pension funds? Are we so asleep we don’t even care that corporate America is ripping off not only their own employees, but all tax-paying Americans whose hard-earned dollars fund the pension guarantees these companies figure will pay the bill for them? Continue reading →

9 Points to Go to Meet Nixon’s Lowest Approval Rating

And now folks are saying there will need to be a big terror attack or something to pump up his numbers? How perverse is that kind of thinking? He will get better ratings as a president if we have a terrorist attack again? Huh? Continue reading →