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When I became guardian of my Aunt Vera, I became much more conscious of family history – mainly because I realized I was losing those who could tell me about the past. A few years ago my Aunt sent me some wonderful family photos, and I was incredibly moved by the gift – they were truly beautiful framed portraits of my grandparents.

Now I have been using to create family memory books, customized for the family member. I have one for my mother, and now one for my aunt. The pictures I have go back to the early 20th century in Sicily.
I love this one, mainly because of the names on the back of the photo: Dante, Beatrice, and Leonardo. What wonderful names!


I also found some that unfortunately do not have any notations written on the back (people! write something on the back of photos – 100 years from now no one will know who it is!)

I think this might be my Aunt Carmen on a pony, circa 1921 or 22


And I just love this 1927 photo of my mom’s family at Lynn Beach in Massachusetts – she is the little girl in the front row (looking down, with curls, about 3 years old)


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