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Bitter Old Shrew (BOS) sent out an account (and I use that word lightly) of events and I finally had a chance to read it when I visited my folks in Florida this week. He mentions greed in these documents. The irony? No one was interested in stepping in to take care of my elderly aunt until they thought control of her money might be part of it. No one stopped by her house to see if she was safe. They virtually ignored the warnings of social services. They certainly well know this is the reason I needed to fly the 3000 miles to spend 10 days making sure she was situated someplace safe and yet still very nice when they couldn’t make the 15-minute drive to her house. Greed indeed.

Greed is a powerful motivator – we see it impact our economy in many ways (just look at the housing bubble) and we know it tears families apart.

The solution to greed? Recognizing that more money does not equal more happiness. Once you get past the numbers you need to live comfortably and have a pretty decent life, it really becomes more of a crutch than a happy-maker. Think of all the things you “need” today that you didn’t “need” when you made less money five years ago.

It’s particularly odd when people only a few years away from death get greedy. What the hell are they going to do with it anyway? I guess buy a really nice vault and headstone. Maybe it’s that last grab for meaning – at least I died rich.

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