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Having Faith in the Reality-Based Community

As we all know, Bush is part of the faith-based community. Although I’ve written earlier that it’s more about his faith that anything that serves the personal interests of his clan is good enough for the rest of us.

Now there are more folks promoting the reality-based community.

I’ve chatted quite a bit with my friends Frank and George at the Conservatory for Coffee & Tea (which we jokingly refer to as the “conservative for coffee & tea” based on the owners decidedly rightish leanings) about this idea – what I’ve seen as the Americans Against Science movement. Not sure it is simply intellectual laziness or a lack of curiousity, but there are quite a few people who seem to want to be told what is right, and they want their world to be easily understood and even more easily digested with such gems as:

That one is evil.
That one is good.
That is right.
This is wrong.

No grey area, seemingly not even between the ears.

Should we really expect much more these days – life is stressful enough without having to think about complex issues and, godhelpus, not have an absolute answer.

People don’t like doubt. They don’t like conundrums. They like simplistic paradigms to explain their world.

In fact, this human characteristic – the need for things to be dumbed down – is probably the greatest argument against evolution. I mean, really, this long after the Scopes trial we are arguing about teaching evolution in schools AGAIN? We are getting dumber, not smarter. Devolution more like it.

OK, I don’t want to get too negative, cynical, pessimistic, cranky…

I do think these things are cyclical – but unfortunately, the zeitgeist today is resembles the zeitgeist of, oh, say, the Middle Ages.

The most distressing part is not that people who are supposed to run this country are substituting faith for facts, it’s that they are so agile at manipulating the willing to vote themselves into a lower standard of living while a few of the chosen people profit.
I have faith too – faith in people’s ability to AT SOME POINT figure out reality, while not always pretty, must be faced. You can’t close your eyes and say “all good all good all good” and have it be true.

You can have faith and accept facts too. Denying facts makes you the fool, not the faithful.

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