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Jobs Americans Don’t Want to Do

When I hear the argument that illegal immigrants are doing jobs Americans don’t want to do, I think, “What difference does that make? Most Americans don’t want to do their jobs. Haven’t you experienced the current level of customer service in our country?” How many Americans do you know who hate their jobs but do them anyway because that’s simply LIFE.

I know my accountant hates her job. This is why she returns my documents late and then claims she mailed it but when it doesn’t arrive tells me I should “swing by” with my bad leg (I’m not driving yet) to pick up a copy.

I know that the people who work on phone lines doing customer service hate their jobs. This is why they act as if they are not listening to you and insist on giving you a solution to a problem other than the one you just described to them.
In my experience most people don’t want their jobs, but they do them anyway to survive.

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