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Obama Fundraiser

I didn’t think to bring anything better than my phone with camera – so I mo-blogged the pic before anyone was on the stage. The rest didn’t come out so great.

The event was in the Edison downtown – absolutely beautiful club space. I literally almost ran into Jerry Brown as I came in the door – had to do a little dance and an “excuse me” (cool – he looks great!). This was the first time I’ve ever attended a fund raiser – I rarely give the kind of coinage you need to attend these.

But I truly believe this is the most important election of my lifetime. This will be the difference between continuing to go in a direction of faith-based vs. evidence-based governance. While I find it incomprehensible that any thinking person could vote for a ticket with Palin on it, I understand that many people vote for “boutique” issues (they only care about one thing – their hot issue). I do think the economy has made many of these people start thinking, “Is it really in my best interest and the best interest of America to vote on one single issue?”

We are facing the consequences of a decade of greed, mishandling of government, incompetence, and mediocrity. It was as if the “Dumbing Down” of America was institutionalized.

Many long-time Republicans, both big names and regular folk, are waking up to the disaster this party has wreaked on this great country. I know quite a few who have switched their vote for the first time in their lives.

People finally are realizing that “Lower Taxes” is not an economic solution. There are low-tax countries in the world. They are not places any of us would want to live. We have to hope our country doesn’t sink that low.
Americans must become true Patriots and be willing to pay our debt. If not, the crushing burden will weaken us for decades. True Patriots are willing to contribute to save their country from economic disaster. There is no benefit in having low taxes if your 401K has been cut in half, the dollar is worth half of what it once was, food costs double, and maybe even you end up unemployed.

Hillary Clinton spoke at the event – she is very impressive in person. Sometimes in the big events that are telecast she comes off as a bit rough – she is nothing like that in person. She was charming, even joyful, and she inspired the audience (she walked around after and shook our hands).
Bon Jovi played two songs – they were great!

I enjoyed being part of something – a movement toward a brighter future for all Americans – not just the top 1% who made a killing while destroying the wealth of many Americans, including Americans too old to ever regain the losses in their retirement accounts.


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Found a comfy seat near the stage where jon bon jovi will perform

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