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Where in the World is Vera Appleyard?

OK today I got another snarky remark about how a blog isn’t really a blog if it isn’t updated regularly. Grin George.

So here I am trying to get back into the swing of things.

Last week I made a trip to Florida to visit my mom (see puppy pics below) and had a nice time in the humid, mosquito-laden swampland.

On the estate front: the will was allowed! Amazingly, The Uncle from Hell did not try to make trouble. Even my aunt’s long-time attorney was shocked. Now it’s just onto estate taxes, distributing, and getting things in order.

My aunt left me her house on West Yarmouth (Cape Cod), which was such a sweet and lovely thing to do. We always had a special connection and being named after her was a great honor. I have missed Vera terribly but I feel very privileged to have spent so much time with her the past two years.
Work has been particularly hectic – I was asked to take over content and SEO for the whole company (vs. just the Aspen youth division) so that has meant a lot of focus on learning the whole landscape of their Internet strategy and network and catching up on updates and changes. The sites sat pretty idle over the last year, so it was like a tsunami of work at first. I’ve now gotten into the rhythm of it and I’m really enjoying the broader content work.

I have found four new freelance writers who are wonderful – but the best finds were two full-time writers – I could not have imagined I would get two people so perfect for the job! It makes life so much easier when you have talented, diligent colleagues.

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