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Back in Los Angeles

Well – I thought for sure I would update during my trip to NY but I was just too busy (or tired).

It was an interesting trip – I stayed with my oldest friends (met in high school in Florida in ’78-and they have been a couple since about the same time) in their beautiful Brooklyn brownstone. We went into the city and had a nice lunch in Chinatown. My friend Allan is a designer so we visited his offices/showroom in midtown – really impressive, beautiful pieces! I felt very proud of my old friends! I hung out in Park Slope…checking out their version of the coffee shop (good coffee, but why is it so darn dark in there?). It was a perfect week to catch up with fantastic friends. I must admit, I’m a little tempted to move back to NYC after a visit like that.

I did not visit the WTC site – I considered it, but thought it would just be too depressing. This is my first trip back since 9-11. I did visit a few old haunts, but found myself wanting to nest more than anything…and spend quality time with my two dearest friends and their children.

The plane trip back was a little dramatic – in the row behind me a man who didn’t look all that healthy (I noticed he looked like he had some wasting disease or cachexia when he came on the plane in fact) had a seizure in the middle of the flight. I felt all this kicking and looked around and he was foaming at the mouth and having a fit. Poor guy was pretty freaked out when the flight attendants showed up with oxygen (he didn’t want the mask). A woman came over and said she was a physician – she was lovely and sat with the man for a while until he calmed down. They got him some juice (he almost looked to me like he was having a diabetic insulin shock incident – the shaking in the hands – and the juice did seem to help him).

When the plane landed they asked everyone to stay in their seats until the paramedics could walk him off to make sure he was ok. He did not look good – he was shaking as he walked out and the Aussie sitting next to me said he looked like he was starving to death.
American Airlines handled the situation pretty well, although one of the attendants was this HUGE guy – barely fit his ass through the aisles – and he positioned himself next to me to ask this man and his flying companion questions and he blocked out the light of day. He had a hard time making it up and down the aisles – I thought they had weight restrictions on these people, which seems reasonable considering the width of those aisles. Who knows – maybe someone sued over it.

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