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Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts

Wednesday I drove my sister, brother-in-law, and mom into Boston to see Fenway Park, buy Red Sox shirts, then hit a few other touristy spots (lunch at Anthony’s Pier 4).

It occurred to us that a mere 20 miles north of Boston was a town that certainly would be the perfect place to spend Halloween evening: Salem. Turns out the city figured out this gold mine some years ago. They block off a huge portion of the heart of the town and the place fills with Halloween revelers. It got a little too wild at some point, and we headed home. We later heard there was some violence. Yikes. No one was hanged as a witch, however 😉

Here are a few of the great costumes we saw:

Thought this was a strange sight: an historic graveyard in Salem with a modern ferris wheel in the background.
My sister Elaine and her husband Frank enjoyed goofing around among the goblins and creatures.

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