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Living in Disaster-Prone Areas and Welfare States

Some are proposing not only adding to the national flood insurance program by including other major disasters (earthquakes, tornadoes), but making it mandatory. It could make sense – in a way it is a “disaster tax” – you pay the economic costs of living in high-risk areas. The only caveat might be that insurance companies get to avoid actually paying out the policies they sell even moreso than they do now. It seems their goal is to find people to insure who will never collect.

I did have to laugh at this quote from Joel Kotkin, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation “who advocates environmental or insurance restrictions that would encourage populations to move inland.”

“Why should people in Idaho pay for a house that’s been destroyed and rebuilt 10 times by hurricanes?” he added.

Is he unaware of the fact that Californians get about 80 cents back for every dollar its residents pay in federal taxes, while states like Idaho get to use our money for their pork-barrel projects? In fact Idaho gets back $1.32 for every dollar they pay in.

Maybe California is tired up supporting those inland states. The tax system should pay back dollar for dollar – and if you state suffers, vote with your feet and move to the states that have viable economies. Californians are tired of being picked on while our personal taxes pay for these “welfare states.”

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