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The Valley Shakes – But Not Everyone Awakes

I woke, bleary-eyed, around 1 am Thursday morning to some gentle rolling – it took a few minutes to recognize it was an earthquake as it has been a long time since any shaking worth talking about occurred here (not complaining, mind you, Northridge in 94 was enough earthquake for me, thank you).

My roommate told me the next day she didn’t feel it. My parrots did though. I went out to check on them, and they were both flustered. My amazon, who usually takes shaking earth a bit harder than my senegal, was flapping around the bottom of her cage. Max, on the other hand, was hanging on the side of his cage looking a bit shell-shocked, but over it pretty much.

I immediately went to the USGS website to log my experience on their “Did You Feel It” form. I love filling out that form. There were no other reports yet though – so I posted mine and tried to go back to sleep. There’s something about even little quakes that makes you brace yourself for the next one – so it’s hard to relax. I remember after Northridge I was perpetually tense and waiting for the next big shake for about six months. I wanted to hang onto something in the shower, because my biggest fear was for the damn thing to start shaking, I go flying, knock my head, and that’s where they find me, unconscious and naked, and hopefully not drowned, hours (or god no, days) later.

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