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Indianapolis was a very pleasant surprise – this was my first visit to this city. I first stayed at a wonderful boutique hotel in Zionsvile called the Brick Street Inn – a delightful place with exceptional service. The rooms were lovely, with comfy beds and classic furniture. The service was beyond reproach. Zionsville is a sweet town with, yes, a brick street through it. Everything seems to “Fit” in this area – no ugly strip malls. Unique homes, each with its own style, cute storefronts with speciality shops, and small restaurants and cafes.

I was taken out to dinner in downtown Indianapolis – what a nice city! I had no idea it was such a attractive place with interesting architecture and “artsy” sections – plus a great restaurant row. They seem to have a love of war memorials. They were quite impressive – such as the Soldiers and Sailors Monument build in 1902 and Indiana War Memorial Museum.
There seems to be a thriving cultural community – theaters, churches, and museums.

The only unpleasant time was a stay at the Radisson Hotel by the Indianapolis airport. It’s a pretty dilapidated hotel with rooms that just feel musty and old. Sound travels room-to-room – almost louder than the planes taking off and landing. Something started beeping in the hallway at around midnight. I thought it was some idiot’s alarm clock they forgot to shut off, but after a few minutes I stuck my head out the door and realized it was some device out there. I had to call the front desk and ask them to investigate and it was fixed in about 15 minutes. Did I get back to sleep? Not really.

The service was substandard – confusion about the reservation upon check in (“You already checked in.” “Uh, not unless I have a clone I don’t know about.”) and check out was impossible – one person at the desk taking their dear time. Considering the fact this is an AIRPORT hotel and people need to check out quickly and get their receipt, then get to the airport, it would seem like a wise move to have the front desk properly staffed in the morning. I gave up and dropped my key card on the front desk. Now I’m having a hard time getting them to fax me the bill – got a rather brusque and annoyed accounting person who claimed it would be faxed within the next 20 minutes. That hasn’t happened…it’s a shame the poor customer service continues beyond your stay at the hotel.

I have stayed at the Radisson in Piscataway and one outside Denver. The service is generally adequate, although usually a bit strained. This was definitely a “worst of the three” experience.

However, this did not change my opinion of the city and its outlying areas – simply a delightful place and I’m glad I had a chance to see it!

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