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Shoot First, Ask Questions Later in the Sunshine State

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The Brady organization is campaigning against a new Florida law that relaxes the standards for using “deadly force” when you feel threatened.

Old law – if you could retreat to safety, you should try that first.

New law – you don’t need to retreat, you can stand your ground and use deadly force if you feel threatened.

They seem to be using the “Shoot First Law” campaign to worry Florida lawmakers about an impact on tourism by focusing on such Florida-lubbers as the Brits, who seem characteristically non-plussed by the hoopla.

I’m not sure the Brady folks are interpreting the law accurately – will have to research it more.

I’m no gun nut, but I do think law-abiding Americans have a right to own guns. I do believe standardized safety standards should exist – much as they do for drivers’ licenses to keep irresponsible, bad drivers off the road. Seems reasonable to me – but these hot-button topics tend to render folks incapable of reason on both sides of the argument.

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