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In Defense of Looting – Trickle Down Economics in Action

Looting is a learned behavior. Put many people in the same circumstances, some will loot, some will not loot. Your reaction under these circumstances will probably be largely determined by your environment – where and how you have been “conditioned.”

Our government officials loot the treasury to support their partisan pork projects.

Corporate leaders loot their companies’ assets and the life-savings of their workers.

If they can do it, why can’t I?

Looting is an American tradition. It’s ugly, but to chastise someone looting a TV set while corporations loot not only the life-savings of Americans, but loot their jobs is simply hypocrisy.

The first “corporate” entities in America were built in the robber-baron tradition. If you think Standard Oil became the first major monopoly in the industrial age by being fair, you need to read a little about the history of Rockefeller and Flagler.

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