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Bitter Old Shrew (BOS)

The saga continues: my new nickname for the mean-spirited, greedy uncle is now bitter old shrew (BOS for short). My dad loves it: he says after decades of knowing this man, this phrase describes him perfectly. The latest shot across the deck was a supposed “synopsis” of events that occurred in the guardianship – filled with misrepresetations and paranoid meanderings (as well as a few funny childish insults about my weight). My dad and I had a good laugh, while I could hear my mom in the background stating the real truth: “It’s all about the money.”
My new idea for the book I plan to write on this experience: warnings to the current crop of Baby Boomers about how to protect yourself from self-serving, greedy relatives through iron-clad durable POAs and specifications about who you would want to be your guardian or make your health care decisions should you become incapacitated for any reason. This experience has taught me just how important this is. Imagine if my aunt had put one of the vultures salivating over her estate in charge of her welfare? I highly doubt she would get the kind of expensive care she is getting now.
Otherwise you could end up with someone making decisions based not on what is best for you, but what is best for their potential inheritance. I do not scrimp on my aunt’s care – because I don’t give a damn about her money.
It’s amusing to see what prevaricating fools supposedly intelligent people become when money is involved. And the paranoia! It almost seems pathological at this point. I suppose it is possible this person has a mental illness and cannot help it – I’m beginning to suspect there is something terribly wrong with him after reading this letter that seem to be written by someone suffering from delusions.
The most amusing part was his declaration that I would probably only contact one particular family member. Well, yes, that is the case. Right in front of my lawyer BOS stated he DID NOT WANT me to call him, but preferred the Geriatric Care Manager do so. I asked again to confirm that he did not want me to call – and he stated again that he preferred the GCM do so. Now he pretends he is upset I won’t communicate directly? That does sound a bit like someone who is not quite right in the head. Whatever might be wrong with his brain, there is nothing wrong with mine. Therefore, I will fulfill my fiduciary and personal responsibilities to my aunt and feel confident in the knowledge that she was smart enough to know not to trust these other family members.
There was a reason Vera picked me, and that reason becomes clearer as I “get to know” the people she denied this honor. It is an honor. I feel honored that she trusted me. And based on the last few encounters with BOS, she was right not to trust him.

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