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Selling Out by Selling Off America

When I heard today that the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States has approved a deal that would give control of major U.S. ports to a country with ties to radical Islamist terrorism, Dubai, I was shocked, but not that shocked. I mean, when you “worry” about permanent tax cuts for America’s richest while cutting medical benefits to the most vulnerable, it is clear that your priorities lie with keeping rich friends happy.

Does anyone wonder what happened to our government? It has always been imperfect, but I cannot recall a time when it was so dedicated to anything that would make a few people rich and leave the vast majority of the American people in danger.

The only good side of these sad and disturbing practices that clearly show the White House does not really care about the average American – only about big business and lobbyists with fat wallets – is that I have to believe one day they will all come tumbling down. I just hope it’s not in dirty bombs strategically placed at the major ports (New York, Baltimore, Miami, New Orleans) we just sold to a country that still recognizes the Taliban as the official government of Afghanisthan and still does not recognize the right for Israel to exist.

What’s next? If we want to continue to stay afloat and cut taxes we need to sell off more of America, even strategic assets that will make the difference in surviving conflicts over the next 50 years. If China controls manufacturing and Dubai controls major ports, we might find that rather than being the one who controls the flow of goods is suddenly now on the receiving end of politically motivated embargos.

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