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Suggested Things Bill O’Reilly Should Fight Other than His Fictional “War on Christmas”

Now he thinks Catholics are against Christmas. Uh, duh, the Catholics were the first to celebrate Christmas and many of us raised Catholic remember how our strict-Catholic moms insisted no Santa Claus, no secular representations at Christmas – it was about the birth of Jesus. Gifts were more symbolic – the other kids (non-Catholic or not strict Catholics) always got a lot more bootie for Dec 25. Asking for a list of gifts was considered in bad taste.

I really worry about Bill – as Keith Olbermann has pointed out, there is a delusional quality to his rant.

I think the best way to help Bill is to give him some other causes to fight for – causes that are, well, important. These “important” causes might help keep the delusion fairies from dancing in his head. Here we go:

The 14 million children who go to bed hungry in America

Pollution so bad in some cities people can’t go outside

Families without health insurance who go bankrupt trying to save their children from cancer, diabetes, heart disease…and so on
Violence against women – in American and throughout the world (rape, assault, being murdered by husbands or boyfriends)
Dropping literacy rates in America

That’s enough for now – that should keep him plenty busy.

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