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How Many Dead Americans Was Saddam Worth (in 1994)

Doesn’t this guy just give you the heebie jeebies?


Funny Take on Kerry Gaff


Iraq War Map

You can choose the countries to see the victims of the war – it simply shows red as it flies through the days from the beginning of the year.

Stark but effective reminder that war is hell.

Flying with Colonel Hunt

Some of you may recognize Colonel Hunt’s picture – he’s a commentator on war-related stories on Fox. (My brother-in-law wanted to know why I was watching that Republican news channel – I snarked – know the enemy). We shared a row on Jet Blue coming back from Boston last week. What an affable, interesting guy! I recognized him right away and we chatted a bit. He’s got a great, distinctive rough voice that just says, “I’m a Colonel and I’ve ordered troops around!” The kind of voice that makes you sit up and take notice.

He’s got an impressive bio – this was one of the cooler celebrity spottings I’ve ever had 🙂 because he is so authentic!

He has a book out now, and his new one “On the Hunt” will be published in April 07. He was reading a book on suicide bombers on the plane – eeek – but I must say I felt a little safer being on a plane with the Colonel!

How to Really Support the Troops

Get behind them, volunteer, and support them in Democratic races. These folks have an authentic voice – and although some nimwits like Rush Limbaugh tried to undermine Paul Hackett’s character, he came really close to winning in a VERY Republican-weighted race (when all the corruption scandals are fully investigated these races may not be all that close anymore). And now Hackett will likely run again:

On Monday, with support from Senator Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat who is the minority leader, Hackett decided to seek a higher office: the Senate seat now held by Mike DeWine, a two-term Republican. Boston Globe

We need passion, integrity, and un-cronyism now more than ever. Aren’t you tired of political hacks who grease their own pan to cook your bacon? Does that make sense? Did I just make up a silly phrase? Did I mix my metaphors?

But I digress…

Here is one:

Patrick Murphy, PA

This site lists some others.
Wouldn’t you rather have folks in office who know what it really means to serve your country rather than those who claim they gave up their spots to disadvantaged youth?

Vote on Iraq’s Constitution – Some Views

Sometimes it is interesting to view others’ reactions to such news:

Kurds generally seem to agree with the constitution, particularly optimistic about how it ensures the (quasi)independence of Kurdistan.

And then the Daily Star’s more comprehensive analysis of what the Kurds get, what the Sunni’s don’t get…within an historical perspective of sorts.

This one from Cuba seems a bit odd – they say it is at risk if the “majority” Sunni population votes it down. Huh? Majority?

Maybe they meant the majority of Sunni’s in specific provinces in which they dominate?

North Korea needs spell check. I just put this because it is kind of surreal to read their coverage. I don’t know why – it just is.

I always like to see what different countries tend to focus on when they cover a story. You begin to realize how fluid the news can be when you filter it through your personal lens of perception.

And stories like this are always painful to read – really makes you cringe.

Chief of Operations for Beard and Hair Modifications to Avoid Detection by Infidel Forces

I am simply imagining the Barber of Bagdhad’s official title because I know they like ’em to be descriptive.

Maybe they will find some compelling letters among his things that will further support Bush’s policies.

Chief of Operations in Charge of Beheadings and Bridge Dangling of Non-Combatants

How is this for a formal title: Abu Farraj al-Libbi, recently nabbed in Pakistan and now in U.S. custody is the “Chief of Operations in Charge of U.S. and British Plots” – well, I guess it gets to the point. I’m imagining other titles they might use:

Deputy Chief of Suicide Bombers in Charge of Exploding Devices When Soldiers Give Children Candy
Chief of Plots to Breach the Green Zone
Deputy Director of Making Road to Airport Most Dangerous in World

Based on photo below (and others) I think they may also have a:

Chief in Charge of Teaching Jihadists How to Glare at Camera in Creepy Way to Send Chills Down Spines of Infidels


In an intercepted Zawahiri letter to al-Zarqawi he suggests pulling back from all those nasty decapitations to improve, get this, public relations. You think?

We Never Bought Wheat from Australia. We Have Always Bought Wheat from the U.S.

Gee, big surpise. Don’t the Aussies know you need friends in high places to get government contracts now?

Australia is not going to be the last to find out who comes first in Iraq from now on. I am sure we will hear how we “earned it.”

Iraq, of course, is quite used to cronyism. They just have someone new picking the cronies – and when it gets this out of control it is going to get ugly.

“Will Work for Death Sentence”

More stories of profitting off others’ misery, this time by contractors in Iraq.

Sadly, many Americans vote for those who support policies that undercut the average worker’s ability to live a decent life. Anyone who has anxiety about how precarious their financial health is these days knows the rosy economic picture painted by the current administration is far removed from the reality of the average American. Many are one paycheck away from economic devastation – and with the new bankruptcy laws, they could very well never rebuild their lives.

Although the article says many of the practices going on in Iraq are ‘against the law’ we all know how we look the other way in the name of excessive profit. American companies break the law every day hiring illegal workers – just another way to take advantage of the desperately poor while spouting platitudes about how they would so much worse off if they didn’t have the slave-wage jobs. If it helps you sleep at night…