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Chief of Operations in Charge of Beheadings and Bridge Dangling of Non-Combatants

How is this for a formal title: Abu Farraj al-Libbi, recently nabbed in Pakistan and now in U.S. custody is the “Chief of Operations in Charge of U.S. and British Plots” – well, I guess it gets to the point. I’m imagining other titles they might use:

Deputy Chief of Suicide Bombers in Charge of Exploding Devices When Soldiers Give Children Candy
Chief of Plots to Breach the Green Zone
Deputy Director of Making Road to Airport Most Dangerous in World

Based on photo below (and others) I think they may also have a:

Chief in Charge of Teaching Jihadists How to Glare at Camera in Creepy Way to Send Chills Down Spines of Infidels


In an intercepted Zawahiri letter to al-Zarqawi he suggests pulling back from all those nasty decapitations to improve, get this, public relations. You think?

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