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How to Really Support the Troops

Get behind them, volunteer, and support them in Democratic races. These folks have an authentic voice – and although some nimwits like Rush Limbaugh tried to undermine Paul Hackett’s character, he came really close to winning in a VERY Republican-weighted race (when all the corruption scandals are fully investigated these races may not be all that close anymore). And now Hackett will likely run again:

On Monday, with support from Senator Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat who is the minority leader, Hackett decided to seek a higher office: the Senate seat now held by Mike DeWine, a two-term Republican. Boston Globe

We need passion, integrity, and un-cronyism now more than ever. Aren’t you tired of political hacks who grease their own pan to cook your bacon? Does that make sense? Did I just make up a silly phrase? Did I mix my metaphors?

But I digress…

Here is one:

Patrick Murphy, PA

This site lists some others.
Wouldn’t you rather have folks in office who know what it really means to serve your country rather than those who claim they gave up their spots to disadvantaged youth?

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