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Vote on Iraq’s Constitution – Some Views

Sometimes it is interesting to view others’ reactions to such news:

Kurds generally seem to agree with the constitution, particularly optimistic about how it ensures the (quasi)independence of Kurdistan.

And then the Daily Star’s more comprehensive analysis of what the Kurds get, what the Sunni’s don’t get…within an historical perspective of sorts.

This one from Cuba seems a bit odd – they say it is at risk if the “majority” Sunni population votes it down. Huh? Majority?

Maybe they meant the majority of Sunni’s in specific provinces in which they dominate?

North Korea needs spell check. I just put this because it is kind of surreal to read their coverage. I don’t know why – it just is.

I always like to see what different countries tend to focus on when they cover a story. You begin to realize how fluid the news can be when you filter it through your personal lens of perception.

And stories like this are always painful to read – really makes you cringe.

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