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“Will Work for Death Sentence”

More stories of profitting off others’ misery, this time by contractors in Iraq.

Sadly, many Americans vote for those who support policies that undercut the average worker’s ability to live a decent life. Anyone who has anxiety about how precarious their financial health is these days knows the rosy economic picture painted by the current administration is far removed from the reality of the average American. Many are one paycheck away from economic devastation – and with the new bankruptcy laws, they could very well never rebuild their lives.

Although the article says many of the practices going on in Iraq are ‘against the law’ we all know how we look the other way in the name of excessive profit. American companies break the law every day hiring illegal workers – just another way to take advantage of the desperately poor while spouting platitudes about how they would so much worse off if they didn’t have the slave-wage jobs. If it helps you sleep at night…

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