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A Few Pics from the LA Car Show

My friend Millie and I decided to hit the LA Car Show on Thanksgiving morning. It was a great time to go – not as crowded as it likely is on the weekend. Here are a few of the interesting cars we saw.

The first is the new Honda hydrogen car that will be available in limited numbers for lease Summer 2008.

It was a real beauty – much more stylish than the typical Honda.
Check out the plug on this next one.
We got a kick out of this – but apparently this stylish Chevy Volt won’t be available for a couple more years.
Millie was really taken with the Smart Car (or as she says, “Smaht Cah”). It goes for about 12 grand and is really intended for quick trips around town.
You wouldn’t want to get hit by an Escalade in one of these. Or maybe not even a bicycle.
We were really impressed with the 2008 line of Audi’s – although the gas mileage (nada) and price tags (90K +) put them out of reach of most people.
There were a few typical concept cars, such as this Kia concept:
and this Chevy concept
They also had a nice historical display of posters from past LA Car shows – as early as 1907.

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