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10 Weeks After Second ACL Replacement Surgery

Unfortunately, although this time the new ACL has held, I’ve developed bursitis in the knee. The orthopedic surgeon sort of shrugged and said it could happen because the area gets irritated during the surgery. I’m sure this is the case because the area that still hurts now was so acutely painful after the surgery that if I touched it or rolled onto it just right it literally took my breath away.

Now it is not quite so painful to the touch, but it literally feels like there are rice krispies in my knee the way it crunches when I bend. The area feels totally wrong – hard where it shouldn’t be hard – and at times when I am walking it hits me like someone just put a steak knife into the area.

Up until now I’ve been pretty blase about it – I had surgery, and surgery hurts. Now that it’s been 10 weeks though I’m feeling frustrated. I can’t do the physical therapy exercises to build strength in the leg because it aggravates the bursitis and I end up more swollen and start limping. When I limp, I apparently throw everything off – because I’m starting to have some pretty bad (and new) mid-back pain. Last night I slept maybe 3 hours because I kept waking up with back spasms.

I think you get to a point where daily pain becomes exhausting – you sort of accept it, but there are days when you just feel like you aren’t sure you can take it anymore. The doctor says there isn’t anything he can do. I looked into prolotherapy and sent my informaiton to a doctor who has a website about it – describing the background etc – but they haven’t bothered to respond. I should call, but I feel like if you put a web form up asking these questions, yet don’t respond to inquiries – you probably are a pretty lousy bet for care. I doubt it would be any better than Dr. Golden’s “gee, that’s too bad, but not much we can do about it” attitude.

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