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ACL Recovery – A Few Glitches

Literally – I feel like something weird is going on above the knee, toward the inner part of the leg. It sometimes hurts like hell – like something is “rubbing” inside – and then it kind of clicks and the pain goes away. I did point this out to the doc on Monday and he was baffled and thought it might be some fluid build up – guess if it still does this next week I will have to call because the moments when it does hurt – it HURTS – like a knife being stabbed into the knee.

I got a new brace today – they came and fitted me with a shorter one that doesn’t bang into my foot. However, even this one seems to slip down the leg after a little walking around. Crying out loud – can’t they make a darn brace that works?!?!

We had the company holiday lunch today – this is a really fun party as it is very relaxed and informal. We always get turkey and all the fixin’s plus they have a scavenger hunt that gets everyone roaring with laughter. They also raffle off prizes, but EVERYone gets something, which makes it even better. I won a poker table for 8 – so now maybe we will actually have that poker night!

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