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ACL Recovery Right on Track

Sorry for another long delay – trying to get back into the swing of work, plus those two hours a day of exercises that seem to knock me out. I have wanted to do lots of napping these days ;-).

I moved to the smaller brace today, so I am no longer in the straight-leg brace from hip to ankle. This one takes a little getting used to – it basically keeps your knee from doing any twisting/turning until the ACL is healed enough to handle that type of movement. I am up to 10 minutes on the stationary bike – might not sound like much but I was pretty happy to make it that long. I am still having pain, but usually just first thing in the morning when everything is stiff – and bending the knee is really difficult, and then late at night, especially if I walked a lot that day.

I am being very assiduous about my exercises and watching my diet carefully. I have officially lost 23 pounds now – I started about 2 months before surgery. I am not sure how much the recent loss is actually loss of muscle in my right leg, but my clothes are definitely starting to fall off. I am glad I have been able to reduce calories – when you are so immobile you really have to watch every morsel. I have not been perfect (a few self-pity meals thrown in there), but overall I’ve been strict and stuck with the very low fat diet.

The scar is healing well, although it does look like it will show toward the lower part of the knee as it is pretty wide there. Oh well – battle wounds of a sort!

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