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CPM Machine

CPM Machine

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I have to spend 6 hours a day on this continuous passive motion machine that bends my leg for me. Three 2-hour sessions. I am supposed to increase the angle of bend by 5 degrees each time I do it, as long as I don’t get severe pain. My goal is 120 degrees.
Between this machine and the ice machine I keep pretty busy from my bed. The ice machine is an expensive gadget that you fill with ice, then wrap this special padding around the leg – it circulates cold damp air into the padding on my leg. I can control for temperature and pressure. I have to do this for half an hour every hour throughout the day. It feels sooooo good!
My pain pump got disconnected last night so I no longer have the benefit of the novocaine-like stuff that was dripping into my knee. The catheter pulled out. Oh well. So far it hasn’t been too horrible without that extra pain relief, but I’m taking a lot of percocet to make up for the difference (not more than prescribed, but definitely the max suggested). Only a few times have I felt significant pain – usually after trudging to the bathroom.
So far this has not been the wretched experience I expected it to be, but I’m being very cautious because I’m sure the nerve block and anaesthesia are still helping with the pain. I expect those to fade today – so we’ll see!

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