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Day 4 – Okay Now Comes the Pain

I tried to stop the pain killers today because they are messing with my sleep and I’m starting to feel like a zombie. Big mistake as it is apparently much too soon – I have some kind of knot under the skin (sheesh – hope it’s not a big blood clot) that made every bit of movement feel like someone stabbed me in the knee HARD. My roommate could tell – she said, “You look really pale.” Pain does that to a person. I decided to take a pain killer around 2 pm and it definitely helped. I’m trying to massage the area to get it to loosen up – at one point it seemed like it “disappeared” and the pain was gone, but it has since come back and is not feeling so great.

However, the pain is still MUCH less than it was during the previous surgery – no day-of-crying this time.
I have only gotten in about 2 hours on the CPM – need to settle in now and get those hours in. It’s such a pain because I have to take the brace off to use the machine, but if you have to get up to go to the bathroom or the like you have to unstrap from the machine and strap yourself back into the brace. It makes it hard to get the 10 hours in I’m supposed to do. I remember whining about this last time, so I just have to bite the bullet and strap myself in. Why, I ask, on such a night do they have to show a bunch of reruns? It’s hard to read trapped on my back!

The Food Network has become a good source of all-day entertainment. If you haven’t caught Road Tasting, do check it out – they travel all over the country to small family-run restaurants and food stores and try out various specialties of the house. I’m thinking that I will buy an authentic mince meat from Mom’s Apple Pies in Virginia – they actually use suet! They made some stunning pies on the show – all from fresh fruit grown on their own farm.

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