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Day Two – ACL Surgery – Dreading Day Three

I forgot to mention that the first day was also the day of violent-getting-rid-of-the-liquid-vicodan. They gave it to me after surgery because I was really feeling the knee – and I didn’t think to ask for crackers first. Ugh. I thought was going to mess up my friend’s car on the way home (she would have something to remember me by for months or maybe even years) but deep breathing kept me ok. She made some soup when I got home, and a few spoonfuls later I had to hobble on crutches as fast as my little arms could propel me to give it up – that may have been the burst of “activity” that caused my leg to start bleeding badly.
Anyway, no blood today still, but my roommate reminded me that it was Day Three that was The-Day-of-Please-Shoot-Me-and-Put-Me-Out-of-My-Misery pain. I’m cautious with the pain killers because of the nausea, but it seems to have subsided.

Rule of Thumb: If you get this surgery, have lots of absorbent snacks like cracker, toast etc around or you can’t take your pain medication. And don’t let the nurses give you liquid pain killers without getting some crackers and a bit of ginger ale first.

Let’s hope tomorrow is not a repeat performance of March 31.

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